Newly Discovered Truths
Rajinikanth can win a game of chess with 1 move!
RAJINI created this website!!
You can try hard and become anything, even you can be the President of India. But you cannot be R-A-J-I-N-I
Rajinikanth has ordered for Onion Dosa and that's the reason why onion prices have gone up!
Once Rajini started digging a hole in the ground; after one day he stopped digging. Now the hole is known as Mariana Trench and the deposited soil which came out from the hole is now known as Mount Everest!
Once Rajini threw permanent green colour solution on a boy. Now he is named as The Hulk
Once a boy passed by Rajini singing. Just then Rajini greeted him 'YO boy'. Now that boy is known as 'YO-YO Honey Singh'.
Rajinikanth got 150 questions in exam paper asking - "Solve any 100 questions" He solved all 150 and wrote, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!"
Once Rajini taught a guy to play 'Call of Duty' .... Today that man is known as 'OSAMA BIN LADEN'!
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Hangman Rajini
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Like for Rajinikanth, Comment for James Bond..! Holy Shit... Comment doesn't even exist..!