Newly Discovered Truths
Voldemort created horcruxes so that he can survive Rajini's attacks.
The speed of light is so fast because it is afraid of Rajini. But, it doesn't know that Rajini lives in a black hole.
Rajini once gave some powers to the universe. The universe now calls those powers as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science.
Rajini once counted how many people he killed/beat up. That number is now called infinity.
Rajini once cried. ONCE! His tears flooded the entire world and is called the great flood.
Rajinikanth was thirsty on a planet and he drank some water. All the water in the ocean dried out and now that planet is called Mars.
Rajinikanth is left handed! Cause no one has seen him work with his right hand as Rajini always says,"Yeh to mere baye haat ka khel hai!!
Still playing Subway Surfers? RAJINI is waiting at the Subway Railway Station's end! Go Fast!
Rajinikanth can see germs without a microscope!
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Random Truth
Rajini disproves the multiverse theory. Wait, are you implying there can be more than one Rajini?