Newly Discovered Truths
Rajinikanth is left handed! Cause no one has seen him work with his right hand as Rajini always says,"Yeh to mere baye haat ka khel hai!!
Still playing Subway Surfers? RAJINI is waiting at the Subway Railway Station's end! Go Fast!
Rajinikanth can see germs without a microscope!
Once Rajni sir make a stick stand by putting its 3/4th part inside the ground and now the stick stand is known as Eiffel Tower!
Rajinikanth uses anaconda as his belt.
Once young Rajinikanth threw up a ball in the air; it is now known as the MOON!!!
Rajinikanth CAN build Rome in a day!
Amitabh and Rajini went to Vatican City, where Pope was giving speech. Rajini said "I know Pope" Amitabh looked sarcastic that he is lying. So to prove, rajini said let me go near Pope then you will trust me. Pope and Rajini hugged & got his blessings, meanwhile Amitabh fainted & fell down. Rajini reached him asking what happened, amitabh said "I understood you knew Pope when you hugged him but a person near me asked me "I see Rajini out there, but who is the other person hugging him?!!!!!"
Why do you think Rajini went to North so many times? It is to drop his cigar ashes! They are now called Himalayas !!!
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Random Truth
Rajinikanth has counted to infinity, twice.