Newly Discovered Truths
Once Rajinikanth ate a bacteria in front of a boy. Today that boy is known as Bear Grylls!
God said, "Let there be light" and there appeared Rajinikanth with his torch!
Does any one know why Rajini's Facebook profile does not show the section ''People You May Know''? Because Rajini knows everyone!
Comparison between Rajini & Bill Gates : Bill Gates :- My house is is so big that I need a train to travel from one corner to another corner Rajni sir :- my house is so big that I need A passport........!!!
Once RAJINIKANTH and GOD were fighting............ RESULT: Aaaaj Bhagwaan uper hai.......:D:D:D
Baarish hui aur bheeg gaye hum, wah wah Baarish hui aur bheeg gaye hum, wah wah Are aage kya hua? Hona kya tha "RAJINIKANTH"ne phoonk mari aur sukh gaye hum!
Breaking News: Rajinikanth purchased two NANO Cars for . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Skating!
Obama's speech in USA after India Tour - "Maa Kasam Sach Bol Raha Hu, Rajinikanth BOMB Se Agarbatti Jalata Hai. Toba Toba!"
The Vodafone 3G Zoozoo must have seen a lot of Rajini movies.....
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Once Rajini Hit A Sixer But The Bat Went Out Of The Ground