Newly Discovered Truths
Only Rajini can keep his wife Happy!!!
Once Rajini smoked a cigar and threw the bud still glowing into the space and now its called the sun!
Are you guys still playing Temple Run?? RAJINI SIR is waiting for you at the end line... :D
Rajini Sir answered the toughest question on Earth. He was asked "Which came first an egg or a chicken?" Sir answered "whichever you ordered first...!!"
Once Rajinikanth left for morning walk..... Then suddenly police arrested him...... because he reached america without passport and visa..
Once Rajini went on a planet and started the fire due to cold; now it is called SUN.
When Rajini sir flies in a plane, the plane doesn't move, the world moves.
Once Rajinikanth ate half apple and threw on a phone. And now it is known as iPhone!
This time lord Ganapathy Ji got so angry, as Lord Murugan circled Rajinikanth's photo getting the divine fruit, claiming he has finished going around the world!
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Hangman Rajini
Random Truth
Rajinikanth doesn't call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone.