Newly Discovered Truths
BREAKING NEWS "The Arctic Ocean has dried up!!! The reason behind it......Rajinikanth has taken the ALS Ice Bucket challenge!"
Sun needs to wear glasses when Rajini is out during the day time.
1. Rajinikanth is perfect. 2. No one is perfect. From 1 and 2, Ranjnikanth = no one. Since No One Killed Jessica, hence Rajinikanth killed Jessica!
Rajinikanth does not need your respect. He simply has it.
Rajini only has one hand... the upper hand
Rajini can play a drum solo on a guitar!
Once someone asked Rajnikanth: "how many jokes are made on you". Rajnikanth answered: "2 to 3 jokes". The person asked incredulously: "2 to 3 jokes only?" Rajini answered: "2 to 3 are jokes, rest other are facts!"
Samsung plans to create a special mobile X5 (S, T, U, V, W...) for Rajnikanth. No SIM card, No external memory card and the slimmest mobile with 10 times more intelligence than CHITTI the ROBOT.
Rajnikanth can run backwards in Subway Surfers game.
Featured Game
Hangman Rajini
Random Truth
Voldermort calls Rajinikanth, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!