Newly Discovered Truths
Once someone asked Rajnikanth: "how many jokes are made on you". Rajnikanth answered: "2 to 3 jokes". The person asked incredulously: "2 to 3 jokes only?" Rajini answered: "2 to 3 are jokes, rest other are facts!"
Samsung plans to create a special mobile X5 (S, T, U, V, W...) for Rajnikanth. No SIM card, No external memory card and the slimmest mobile with 10 times more intelligence than CHITTI the ROBOT.
Rajnikanth can run backwards in Subway Surfers game.
Rajinikanth can write in Arabic language from left to right
Once a mosquito bit Rajinikanth. It died of malaria.
Rajinikanth never swims in the sea because once he swam -tsunami happened!
Rajinikanth can speak English in Tamil!
Rajinikanth can mix oil with water!
Rajinikanth lost his hammer from his toolbox a few years ago...Nowadays Thor seems to be using it.
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Random Truth
One Day Rajinikanth got angry at his sweeper. He kicked him so hard that he went flying in the sky with his broom. Today the boy is famous as 'HARRY POTTER'.