Newly Discovered Truths
The horse in Ferrari was once the horse that Rajini rode. After Rajini left it, nobody dared to tame it. So Ferrari used it as trademark to increase its market share... and this the truth.. Same about Lamborghini!
Once Rajini went to drink tea from a chaiwala, and he is now our Prime Minister Modi!
Once Rajini visited China and millions of people came to see him. To control the line, he asked to build a corridor and called that 'Great fans of China' which is now popular as "Great wall of China"!
Election commission shows results to Rajini for approval before releasing the results!
Rajini, when angry, can make anyone Ghajini (not only Surya or Aamir)!
Once Rajini touched a stone now it is known as the Kohinoor diamond!
The apocalypse tried to come in 2000 but it saw Rajini and figured it would try again later.
"If Rajinikanth becomes the Prime Minister of India, the "Defence department" will be renamed to "Offence department".
The reason this website/app is still standing, is because we are complementing RAJINIKANTH.
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Random Truth
Rajinikanth has 32 wisdom teeth!